#11 August 2006

#11: August 2006FEATURES

COUNTRY, THE BEGINNINGS: Dr. Scott Peavler gets inside the Heads of Country Music

THE BACK 40: New grass or smokin’ grass, it’s back to bluegrass roots

COUNTRY, THE LAST 25 YEARS: Chet Flippo brings us up to date


From the Managing Editor...Managing Editor Gene Knapp bashfully owns up to loving Country. Shucks.

Letters to the Editor:
Mostly complimentary

Influences: Vince Gill & Hank Williams IIIInfluences: Vince Gill and Hank Williams III; there’s Country, and then there’s, well, Another Country

Kickin’ in Your Stall:
Who cares if they can sing, just look at ’em! When did Country gussie up?

Everybody knows Newport’s a great jazz festival. But don’t overlook Chenango, Fargo and Wausau. Bayfront and Riverfront, for those who want views with their blues.

On the Record: Johnny Cash, again. Dixie Chicks, Ike & Tina, Dr. John, The Reconteurs, Sue Foley and some newcomers

Collecting: Johnny Cash may be gone, but he’s still putting out records. Here are eleven must-haves

Also Appearing: DVDs some life-changing, some just fun. Mountain Jam, Songwriting and biographies all share space

Re. Issues: Freddie King, The Atlanta Rhythm Section and Charlie Pride come out for encores

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