#22 January/February 2008

#22: January/February 2008FEATURES

THE CARTER/CASH CLAN: You need a scorecard to keep the players straight. Writer Michael Anthony reveals the human side of this talented band of brothers… and sisters, mothers, fathers, daughters and grandparents

AHMET ERTEGUN: He created a legend in Atlantic Records, and he created a legend in Ahmet Ertegun. Can the two be separated? Probably not, and that’s OK


Scott PeavlerLetter from Memoryland: After years of serious scientific research, Dr. Scott Peavler writes about music and finally gets some respect. Scott’s music, from the twangs of VA to the bongs of CA

Letters to the Editor: A few surprises keep us on our Editorial Toes

Influences: Pete Seeger & John MellencampInfluences: Nobody confuses Pete Seeger’s music with John Mellencamp’s, but their hearts are in the same—and the right—place

Kickin’ in Your Stall: Greatness is priceless… but what is local music worth? Almost always, a lot more than the band (and club owner) is getting

On The Record: Ryan Adams, practically all grown up, takes it easier, and comes up with a winner CD. Evergreen performers Aretha Franklin, John Fogerty and Big George Brock rub shoulders with newbies Little Big Town and the Chesterfield Kings. Dave Matthews, Levon Helm and Mem Shannon fit in both categories

Collecting: Atlantic Records produced extraordinary music by anyone’s standards. Twenty must-have albums from the great label

Also Appearing: A primer on Pete Seeger’s extraordinary life, The Power of Song DVD; The Boss rehearses, The Boss performs, The Boss on video; unusually good documentaries: the Byrds, Les Paul, Pinetop; memorable concerts (big and small), including Farm Aid, where the livin’ is organic, but not easy

Re.Issues: Jimi Hendrix packed a lifetime of living into 27 years—a new book offers a look. Q: what do the Kinks, Bobby Bare, Magic Slim and the Doors have in common besides suggestive names? A: Reissues, and there’s more

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