#29 November/December 2008

#29: November/December 2008FEATURES

Vocal Harmony: Oldies or newies, we just call it good music. Harmony hero Kenny Vance reflects on the brilliance of young street corner singers and songwriters

Independent Indies: Music entrepreneurs shun pie-in-the-sky mega-labels for a big slice of a smaller pie—their own. Richard Antone tells us just how tasty homemade really is


Dion & Gene KnappLetter from the Pure Gold rack: Gene Knapp reminds us why “oldie” and “goodie” are so often paired

Influences: Dar Williams & Ani DiFrancoInfluences: Two smart women, on roads less traveled: Dar Williams takes off on the festival circuit, Ani DiFranco shuffles off to Buffalo. Wish we were there

Pet Sounds: Maybe we should all just arrange our albums alphabetically. Ali Green dishes on genre labels

Kickin’ in Your Stall: Carl Gustafson does the Monster Mash in a graveyard (where else?)

On the Record: Ben Folds lives up to his potential; Dark Dark Dark—Chris Knight, Blackmore’s Night—oh my god—a Blind Pilot in the Age of Rockets: all these artists release new CDs. For Ani DiFranco, it’s a Red Letter Year

What’d I Say: A new column from Jim Hynes, on today’s bifurcated blues—two styles, like night and day

Get a Grip: Steve Walbridge explains why some CDs and T-shirts gather dust, and which new music shouldn’t

Also Appearing: Outside Lands Festival, Willie Nile, Earth, Wind & Fire—all the elements, in person or DVD; Warren Haynes raises funds and the roof with a DVD of his annual benefit; Monroe and Montoya and other “pickers”

Collecting: The Animals, although Brits, produced many essential American rock songs, including the unofficial anthem of many Americans fighting in Vietnam. Bring them home

Re.Issues: John Mayall classics—is two really enough? Captain Beefheart, the Replacements, Otis Redding and George Jones—something for everyone

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