#34 September/October 2009

#34: September/October 2009
Cover Photo by Mike Caffrey


Two-Part Harmony: Marriage and careers are hard to juggle in “normal” lives but when the guitar player is your husband or the harp player is your wife, attitudes need adjustment. Kay Cordtz discovers successful couples’ strategies

My 401K is a Fender: Tax collector? No, axe collector. Popa Chubby eschews a 401K for an L6-S…and about 100 other vintage instruments. Confessions of an unrepentant guitar junkie


Leila Dunbar & Popa ChubbyLetter from the Appraiser: Sotheby’s alum Leila Dunbar has handled as many guitars as most roadies. She’s awful careful with hers

Kickin’ in Your Stall: That time Carl Gustafson was partially eaten alive. Every road hazard has a lesson

Influences: Steve Cropper & Dick DaleInfluences: Soul and R&B wouldn’t be the same without Steve Cropper, and surf music and metal might not exist without Dick Dale. Turn that guitar UP!

Pet Sounds: “If You’re Going to San Francisco” lose the song and look up these new bands

On The Record: Gov’t Mule calls it By A Thread, but the album could hang the Golden Gate Bridge. Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey return after a lengthy absence, while newbie Diane Birch delivers old-time feelin’. Faux band Spinal Tap reappears, and the very real Ian Hunter goes Overboard—did you expect less?

Re.Issues: The most influential band you never heard of, Big Star: they released three albums, await a four-CD box set and are reuniting with nary a hit to their name. Jefferson Airplane, reissuing their Woodstock Experience, can say none of the above, along with Creedence, Chuck, Santana, Bo and other Big Stars we know on a firstname basis

Get A Grip: Cleveland used to be the butt of jokes, then came the Rock Hall. Now, it’s not so funny

What’d I Say: Bayou Fever. Dr. Hynes says it gets in your blood

Also Appearing: Review Chief Al Wiseman attends his dream festival but nobody’s jealous because ours were great, too. Films on greats Bill Graham, Muddy Waters and John Lennon, with a cameo by Jimi Hendrix. Oh—and books on guitars

Collecting: One of the seminal California bands, Canned Heat was best enjoyed live, but second choice is vinyl. Arnie Goodman identifies the must-haves

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