#38 May/June 2010

#38: May/June 2010
On the Cover: Louis Armstrong, 1953. Herman Hiller/World Telegram & Sun/Loc


Bop Til You Drop: Jazz started out for dancers. What happened? Find the songs in this American treasure, and learn what’s to love

Great Hangs: Good things come in small packages. Some venues consistently book great talent, and chances are, there’s one near you. A few Elmore friends offer a starter list, from coast to coast.


Suzanne CadgèneLetter from the publisher: Hey, you! Get off that couch and into someone else’s chair. Now!

Kickin’ in Your Stall: Professor Carl Gustafson explains the inverse relationship between artists and need

Roberta Flack & Imelda May: Great PipesInfluences: Chanteuses Robert Flack and Imelda May both appeared on the 2010 Grammys, and we’re betting they’ll both be back

Pet Sounds: In-house Ninja John Kuroski slices and dices a classic…

On The Record: Last sets? Jimi Hendrix still lights guitars on fire, Jeff Healey still blows us away, and Johnny Cash emotes, all with new releases from that Great Stage. On the upside slope, hear Imelda May and Eric Bibb. Jazz selections abound, including Pizzarelli, Ciacca, Vignola and Leonhardt. Way cool

Jim Marshall & Suzanne CadgeneThe Final Frame: Jim Marshall – 1936-2010

Ear Candy: Crazy Heart tracks the best of the old and new. Guaranteed

Re.Issues: Track the evolution of Paul Revere and the Raiders, dressed-up musicians playing serious rock ‘n’ roll. Brubeck, Monk, Pass and Pepper

Rich PaganoGet A Grip: Steve Walbridge’s rave on the backbones of rock ‘n’ roll

What’d I Say: Blues and soul get together, a few times

Also Appearing: A thousand folkies in a Memphis hotel, a pregnant songstress at a supper club, son and father trading licks, a rocker in sweat and little else, funky big band in historic hall, and a Commander and Professor join up in PA. Don’t say we don’t get around

Collecting: Jazz collecting: start with the best, then stick with it

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