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Kaye Bohler – Like A Flower (Self Released)




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Kaye Bohler - Like A FlowerKaye Bohler is a regional treasure who deserves wider recognition. Unfortunately, too many like her amass a local following but are unable to burst out of their market, due mostly to not catching the right break or linking up with the right people. You know how it goes.

Kaye’s plight is actually a bit more curious because she recruited some luminaries like Robben Ford and Tommy Castro as well as other well-known Bay Area blues fixtures to play on this release. These talents obviously were drawn to Bohler’s undeniable vocal power and tremendous swinging feel. As you would expect, Castro’s guitar is prominent, on tracks like “I Got To Know” while Ford solos extensively in the closing title track. Bohler wrote all ten tunes and her big sound, replete with horns and background singers, hearkens back to those great R&B records of the ’50s and ’60s. For good measure, she adds the tender ballad, “My Heart Beats for Him,” proving she can deliver the subtle touches too. Listen up. Be part of the growing audience that puts this California girl on the road.
Jim Hynes

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