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OK Sweetheart – Home (Self Released)




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OK Sweetheart - HomeOK Sweetheart has roots in Oklahoma, Texas, New York and just as evidently, pop music. Their debut album, Home, explores all those places and many more. Kicking off with disappointment (“You Let Me Down”), arching with illusions (“Forever and Always”) and rounding out with satisfaction (“Before You Go”), the album is a symbol for how singer-songwriter Erin Austin feels about home: you may not always love it, but in the end, you love it for all those reasons you thought you originally didn’t.

That thought is highlighted on the titular track, as Austin explores the complicated feelings, and ultimate loyalty, toward an abandoned hometown. The lyrics are the simplest on the album, but that makes free range for Austin’s voice, a Billie Holiday/Zooey Deschanel hybrid and OK Sweetheart’s most vital instrument.

If Home is where you rest your head, there’s surely a few sleepers on this album, yet you can’t help but perk back up to lyrics like “impulsive at best” and “I think I’m fine, but then my boobs start sagging.” Such little quips characterize OK Sweetheart’s pop-vintage sound. You would almost imagine Austin dancing around in a full dress from the ’60s, if you couldn’t tell she was a bit too much of a rebel.

Emily Regenold

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