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Rival Sons – Pressure & Time (Earache)




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The sound of Rival Sons arches across the rock pantheon. They are the missing link between Led Zeppelin and the White Stripes, unstuck in time and transplanted to present day LA. Tune the radio to Little Steven’s Underground Garage for background noise, and the heritage is complete. Pressure & Time is a jackhammer trip through circa-1974 blues-based rock ‘n’ roll, revealing hints of British Invasion cockiness and savage guitar gusto.

Minutes into the Bonzo-beat of the title track, vocalist Jay Buchanan wails, “Give me only what I need,” peeling the paint off the walls with a voice steeped in pure rebellious rock abandon. Things only intensify with tracks like the punk anthem “Burn Down Los Angeles,” and the Band of Gypsys-on-steroids gallop of “All Over The Road.” The band’s brick-walled riffage and scraggy toughness are both set to “stun.” Softer fare is scant. Genteel holdouts like “Face of Light” are at once brooding and bristling and the soul jam “Only One” gently shimmers with its light keys.

Encompassing a myriad of hard rock eccentricities, Pressure & Time burns with good old-fashioned, head-knocking sonic revolution.
—Mark Uricheck

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