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Carolann Solebello – Threshold




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Carolann Solebello


Solebello should be familiar to you through her fine work with the female trio, Red Molly. Before joining them seven years ago, she released a couple of solo albums, and this is her first since leaving the trio a year ago. Her multi-instrumental chops, her gift for songwriting and versatile vocals run the gamut from country, bluegrass, gospel and contemporary folk.

On the opener, “Hound Dogs in August,” Solebello’s harmony-backed lead vocals evoke that very familiar Red Molly sound, with more instruments in the mix. As the album unwinds, she delivers varying tempos backed by a full band, featuring the electric guitar of producer Fred Gillen, Jr. and Sara Milonovich’s fiddle. The slow ballads, “A Song I Can’t Remember” and “Someone Else’s Dream,” beautifully display Solebello’s clear, shimmering alto. Amidst the ballads and shuffles she offers a couple of totally acoustic tunes, most notably “Empty House,” colored by Solebello’s dobro and mandolin. She is in total command of her art and exudes a confident, effortless, approach throughout.

—Jim Hynes

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