Down But Never Out

Down But Never Out: Detroit's nonstop road trip runs into music, sports, autos and bumps, but never a dead end

DETROIT dominates the headlines with its dwindling economy, former mayor’s jail term, and its creation of a brand of documentary filmmaking called “ruin porn” that focuses on its once majestic buildings decomposing back into the ground. Detroit parallels The Beverly Hillbillies: rough on the outside—but sitting on a fortune if you care to look for it.

The “black gold, Texas tea” of Detroit is its music. The city has continually produced some of the world’s best music, and done so—without drying up—for seven damn decades. The global audience is intrigued with Detroit, and has always kept a watchful eye directed at this kingpin of the rust belt, maybe because everyone likes an underdog. In music, however, Detroit isn’t fighting an uphill battle and isn’t an underdog. Detroit leads the race. It’s not even close. » read more

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