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Happy Holidays from Elmore Magazine!

Elmore writer Dennis MC Do No Ugh and his band the JUNG WOMBATS! present their video for “Santa Claus is Coming to Break on Through to the Other Side of Town!” for Christmas cheer and all around festive purposes, of course. This song was performed live during the band’s “Christmas in July!” (2010) set for the Cafe Improv cable television show on Princeton, NJ’s TV30.


The JUNG WOMBATS! lineup for this gig was “Cap’n” Karl Merzena on guitar, Craig “Dug Less!” Leach on bass, Jim Lebbad on drums, and vocals by Dennis MC Do No Ugh! (aka “Gym Doorison!”).

Click the links to visit the JUNG WOMBATS! ReverbNation and Dennis McDonough’s ReverbNation  to see and hear more “Archetypal Rock-n-Roll from the Collective Unconscious!” Dig it!


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