All Alone by the Microphone: Can One Man Make A Band?

All Alone by the Microphone
Lenny Kravitz by Mathieu Bitton

It all started with the pots and pans,” Lenny Kravtiz remembers. “I viewed it as an instrument, and I was very serious about it. I was going to the sink and pulling out the pots and I would arrange them like a drum set. I would have the smaller pots to the left go to the bigger pots on the right so the pitch would get lower from left to right.” Kravitz’s love of the “physical and powerful” effect of the drums led him to learn more instruments, beginning a journey he seemed destined for from the start. He has since learned guitar, sitar, bass, piano and organ, allowing him to play all or most of the instrumental parts on all nine of his solo albums since 1989, working not as a rock star, but a one-man band.

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