#48 January/February 2012

#48 January/February 2012
Lenny Kravitz by Mathieu Bitton



Jake ShimabukuroLetter From a Star: Tapped by Elmore as a rising star exactly one year ago, ukuleleist extraordinaire Jake Shimabukuro reflects on the past 12 months and looks forward to the next 12, in 2012

Opening Act: Snippets, fun, sad news, interviews, reviews. Go meet Elmore at shows and compare notes!

Get to Know: 20 Musicians Shot, Stabbed, or Otherwise Left for Dead

Kickin’ in Your Stall: Earth to Betelgeuse—paging Michael Franti

On The Record: Just when you think you’ve got a handle on Tom Waits, there he goes again, with the surprises—Bad As Me? I doubt it. Duke Robillard is Low Down and Tore Up, Mekons are Ancient & Modern; Buck Owens is Bound For Bakersfield, while Merle Haggard finds himself Working in Tennessee. And Willie Nile? He’s The Innocent One (or maybe not)

Re.Issues: Concord releases every side of Ray Charles—A and B—from 1960 to 1972, Paul Aaronson’s history lesson. Read about an exhaustive collection of Paul Simon’s works, a new improved O Brother, Where Art Thou?, then discover their impact

Pet Sounds: Ali Green praises the grooved side of Kravitz and Floyd, coincidentally this issue’s first and last pages

What’d I Say: Over 40? Jim Hynes notes that the B-side of life sounds just as good as Side One for these vibrant artists

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: Hardworking, unfunded and underappreciated, Thomas Boddie made magic

Also Appearing: CMJ highlights new artists; Christine Ohlman delivers sultry R&B in a high-wattage DVD; Joe Bonamassa brings up longtime star Paul Rodgers. In the back woods, deer tick season is over, but onstage Deer Tick ramps it up

Collecting: Riding the wave of important rereleases, Arnie Goodman uses his hindsight on Pink Floyd compilations, with special attention to a new The Dark Side of the Moon box set, and the band’s peculiar progenitor

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