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Bad Company – Live at Wembley

Bad Company
Live at Wembley

(Eagle Rock)

I normally shy away from these reunion things, but I must admit wanting to see and hear what Rodgers, Ralphs, Kirke and company sounded like so many years after the Madison Square shows I rocked to back in ’75, ’77 and ’79.

While Rodgers has lost some of his lower register growl and each member has gained a few pounds, Live at Wembley does these classic rock icons proud. Augmented by longtime Heart guitarist Howard Leese and bassist Lynn Sorensen (original Bad Company bassist Boz Burrell passed in 2006), many great moments abound, especially “Gone, Gone, Gone,” “Bad Company,” “Shooting Star,” “Ready For Love,” and of course the crowd pleaser “Rock And Roll Fantasy.” FYI, the DVD/Blu-Ray contains one extra track than the CD, “Burnin Sky.”

—Mike Jurkovic

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