Trivia: January/February 2012

Question 1:

Paul Simon has been writing both music and lyrics for nearly 50 years and is considered one of the most eloquent songwriters of our time. Which of these lyrics was written by Paul Simon?

a) “She’s the one with the flying feet”
b) “The teacher’s looking over so we gotta whisper way down low”
c) “My heart is old, it holds my memories”
d) “I got some money in my jeans and I’m really gonna spend it right”
e) “I just keep fighting to stay cool on the streets”


In 1958, Simon and Garfunkel, under the names Tom and Jerry, released “Hey Schoolgirl,” the closest they’d come to the Everly Brothers (except for their remake of “Bye Bye Love”). The song included the lyrics, “The teacher’s looking over so we gotta whisper way down low.” The line that preceded it? “Hey schoolgirl in the second row.”


Question 2:

In 1965, Simon and Garfunkel hit the Billboard charts for the first time with “The Sounds of Silence,” which became their first Number One song as the calendar turned to 1966. In 1970, they scored their biggest hit with “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Which artists and songs bumped these magnificent records from the top of the charts?


In both cases, the Beatles knocked Simon and Garfunkel from the top spot on the Billboard chart. On January 8, 1966, “We Can Work It Out” became the Number One song in the US. However, “The Sounds of Silence” then returned to the top spot for another week.

On April 11, 1970, after six weeks at the top of the chart, “Let It Be” replaced “Bridge Over Troubled Water” as the top song.


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