#49 March/April 2012

#49 March/April 2012
ON THE COVER: Photo-illustration by Erik Spooner. Iggy Pop: Xavier Martin; turntable and background: iStockPhoto.


The Day the World Spins at 33 1/3 RPMApplaud Albums, Viva Vinyl!
Tons more fun than Plan Your Epitaph Day or National Battery Day, April’s annual Record Store Day celebrates real music for real fans. EMMA HERNANDEZ and ALLISON JOHNELLE BORON get down with the core architects of a national trend

Where It All Began
Music historian ARNIE GOODMAN traces the roots of the blues, country, rock and soul. The trails all lead to Memphis


Inside the Vinyl RevolutionLetter from a label: Warner Brothers’ Mike Sherwood knows marketing, and he sure loves Record Store Day

Opening Act: Snippets, fun, interviews, reviews, a good look at events and the people behind them

Kickin’ in Your Stall: Thank God for festival programmers like Carl Gustafson, who endures psychic torture to save us from screechers, and worse

Influences: Bill Medley & Mitch RyderInfluences: The long and the short of it, the lows and the highs of two blue-eyed soul men, Bill Medley and Mitch Ryder

On The Record: Who doesn’t love Lovett? Texas’ best innovator (no small claim), Lyle reinvents classics—you’ll never hear them again the same old way. Tried-and-true, Dion works his blues, Cocker views mortality; Cash Box Kings evoke bluesmen who never had any cash

Re.Issues: Paul Aaronson examines Jethro Tull’s Aqualung: 40th Anniversary Special and finds it “perfect.” Find out why, from the man who knows

What’d I Say: Jim Hynes points out Etta James’ legacy and influence on female and male vocalists alike. James’ “At Last” vocal stylings will last

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: A teenage waif makes her mark at Stax, then gently sinks below view. John Kuroski tells us how to find Wendy Rene

Also Appearing: Nora Jones gives us the Willies, Hot Tuna served up with Mussel(white) and G.E.; Mark Sebastian hangs out in the Living Room, the Bo-Keys stop by Joe’s Pub, and Leon Russell visits B.B. King

Collecting: Many think of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks comes to mind. Arnie Goodman reminds us that the group originally formed out of John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, and their second album featured Buddy Guy and Willie Dixon. Listen, and learn

20 Songs You Ought to Know About Clothes

This Month’s Trivia

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