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Watch Amanda Palmer Cover Nirvana In This Creepy Music Video

Last year former Dresden Dolls moll Amanda Palmer released a steamy cover of Nirvana’s “Polly” as part of SPIN magazine’s tribute to the 20th anniversary of Nevermind. Today, she debuted an accompanying music video directed by Michael McQuilken, a member of her new recording and touring project, “Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra,” and it’s just as odd as you might expect.

A popular story claims that Kurt Cobain allegedly wrote “Polly” after reading an article about a girl who was abducted and abused for several days. Palmer ran with that unsettling narrative on her cover version, stripping away the original’s grunge noise to match creepy lyrics with equally eerie xylophone dings, banjo plucks, and her own whispy, whispering voice. The music video uses a series of quick cuts and closeups to follow a girl’s bad romance with a creepy trucker dude, the abuse she encounters, and her eventual rescue on the highway roadside by a comparably normal-looking Palmer.

You can download Palmer’s “Polly” from her website for a minimum donation of 50 cents, and watch the video – for free! – right here:

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