Trivia: March/April 2012


In February, 1949, RCA Victor introduced the 45 RPM record. To distinguish between styles, these were color-coded, each using a different color plastic. Rhythm & blues records were cherry red, pop records were black, classical came in red, with blue, yellow, and green for other styles of music. The first set of 45s was sent in a group of seven, each representing one style of music.


Of the seven records shipped that first day, what were the first pop and R&B 45 RPM records shipped by RCA?



Pop: “Because” by Dick Leibert

Rhythm & blues: “That’s All Right” by Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup

Also shipped were:

Country & western: “Spanish Fandango” by Spade Cooley

International: “A Klein Melamedl” by Saul Meisels

Popular classics: “The French Marching Song” by Al Goodman & His Orchestra

Unfortunately, the artists and titles of the other two 45s (classical and children’s) remains a mystery.

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