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Mick Jagger Picks Star-Studded Band For SNL

More than one artist has pulled double-duty on Saturday Night Live: Elton John, Frank Zappa, Paul Simon, and many more have served as both host and musical guest during the show’s 30-year history. For this year’s season finale, Mick Jagger will be the latest person to do a double shift on the show, and he won’t be alone. A report from Entertainment Weekly says that Jagger’s backing band for his performances on the May 19th show will be the Arcade Fire and Foo Fighters.

The performance will be Jagger’s third on the show, though it’s his first time hosting. He’s chosen some capable bandmates for the night: Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl has performed on the show 11 times with three different bands, and Arcade Fire garnered praise for their last performance, particularly how they conquered the notoriously finicky sound problems on the SNL stage.

No idea what they’re going to play on the show yet, but we can probably expect another sketch with Jagger and Jimmy Fallon in the dressing room mirror:

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