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Ben Harper – Give Till It’s Gone (Virgin)




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Deviating from his signature soulful sound, Ben Harper tries his hand at a more psychedelic look at love and life on Give Till It’s Gone.

The album’s high energy infectiously grabs you. “Rock N’ Roll Is Free” hypnotizes while it entertains. The electric guitar compliments Harper’s raspy vocals giving the track the rock edge it needs. “Feel Love” showcases the sensitivity of a wounded artist. The usually mellow Harper demonstrates a different, more determined, side on “I Will Not Be Broken.” Harper’s talents know no boundaries: his love for the blues, soul, reggae and rock can be seen throughout this eclectic album.

While themes of love are at the root of the album, this collection is not for the eternal optimist. Harper combines his famous laidback tendencies with a harder edge to illustrate that he has seen the ugly side of love and made it out alive. The album illuminates Harper’s strength and sensitivity as he takes his life lessons and shares them through deeply soulful grooves.

– Jessica Mantas

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