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Obits – Moody, Standard and Poor (Sub Pop)




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Moody Standard and Poor is the second release by Obits, Brooklyn’s indie-rock all star band. Comprised of former members of Hot Snakes, Edsel and Shortstack, Obits know what’s been done before and what it takes to rock. Driven by the rhythm section of Greg Simpson and Scott Gursky, this album sets the mood on the lead-off track, “You Gotta Lose.” Rick Froberg’s distinctive hard-hitting vocals and guitar riffs are the lifeblood of this band and he lets it all out on “No Fly List” and “New August.” The band shows their age with lyrics like, “I’m so tired/tired of my dreams/they keep me up all night,” not a typical complaint from the Brooklyn scenesters. Sohrab Habibion’s more restrained guitar and voice pair naturally with Froberg’s, and lend versatility to the band’s sound.

In a scene inundated with young hipster and electro bands, Obits are a diamond in the rough. Often cast as indie rockers, their sound is rooted in garage rock but they delve into surf rock and instrumentals as well. Obits bring maturity, complexity and experimentalism to a genre commonly written off as amateurish.

– Danny Silva

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