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The Answer – Revival (Spinefarm Records)




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Old school rock n’ roll is alive and well in Northern Ireland and storming the shores of the U.S. and everywhere else compliments of The Answer. Their third release, Revival, is loaded with bombastic, bold and brash arena style rock that will send you scrambling for that Bic lighter – trust me, these were way cooler than holding up your iPhone.

Right from the get-go, “Waste Your Tears,” engulfs your senses with howling choruses and indulgent guitar solos as if the ‘70s have awoken from a giant slumber and are roaring back in fashion. “Trouble,” introduces some eerie harp and “New Day Rising” just screams at you to roll the windows down and drive. “One More Revival” and “Lights Are Down” are additional stand outs.

What’s truly refreshing about Revival is that similar to their two previous releases, Rise and Everyday Demons, The Answer are not trying to save the world – they just want to entice the listener to take 45 minutes out of their lives and simply enjoy it for a change. Take ‘em up on their offer – in this day and age it may be the best 45 minutes of your life in a very long time.  

– Steve Walbridge

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