Mr. Brownstone and Mick’s Jaguar – Bowery Ballroom (New York, NY)

I’m not sure Mick Jagger ever bellowed at an audience and launched himself head first into them, but Rolling Stones cover band Mick’s Jaguar don’t care, that’s how they get a show going. Stuck somewhere between shambolic and incredible their punk disintegration of the Stones’ back catalogue was a riotous beery, joy, covering every era of the band from Mod to disco and back again. Singer John Martin clutched and swigged from a beer can throughout while alternately shouting and singing gloriously shabby versions of “Honky Tonk Woman” and an authentically nihilistic “Paint It Black”. Perhaps the song most suited to the Mick’s Jaguar style was “Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’” with a special mention to guitarist Grace Hollaender for absolutely slaying the solo.  Mick’s Jaguar are the perfect Saturday night party band and while their pit stain boogie would be better served in a more intimate venue than the Bowery Ballroom they did an incredible job of whipping the crowd into shape.

Headliners Mr. Brownstone just may well be the finest Guns N Roses tribute band out there; they’re certainly the drunkest.  It was obvious they didn’t take themselves too seriously: costumes were kind of lack lustre and at one point glitter was halfheartedly strewn about the stage. Luckily front man Sean Greenhalgh (drummer of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) has perfected Axl Rose’s distinctive screech to such a degree that if you closed your eyes and ignored the onstage shenanigans with fake security guards and crappy wigs, you were transported to late 80s LA and the heyday of Guns N Roses.  Mr Brownstone certainly have the chops, (they didn’t play Letterman for nothing) deliciously sleazy versions of “My Michelle” and “Welcome To The Jungle” tore the place apart but it was the magnificent, epic “Civil War” that brought the house down. Smiles ricocheted through the audience not quite believing what they were hearing, jaws were dropped at the quality of the musicianship and with the band on stage having just as much fun as the crowd, it made for an amazing night of debaucherous shits and giggles.

– Will Morley

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