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Beatles Museum in Hamburg Closing Due To “Lack Of Interest”

The Beatles may still be one of the biggest-selling acts on the planet, but not everything with the band’s name attached to it is a guaranteed moneymaker. The NME reports that Beatlemania, a Hamburg museum showcasing the history of the Fab Four, will close at the end of this month.

The museum was opened in Germany in May of 2009, but according to statements given to German newspapers by museum manager Folkert Koopmanns said that the museum has only had 150,000 visitors since its opening and that closing the museum was the only course of action “if you want to act responsibly.”

Koopmanns added, “We had hopes and wishes, but only some of them were fulfilled in the city in which John Lennon said he became an adult.”

Beatlemania’s location in the city in which the band played their earliest shows and honed their stage show was apparently not enough to draw fans to the museum’s collection of over 1,000 pieces of Beatle-related artifacts on display for visitors. As of this time, it is unknown what will become of the artifacts in the museum’s possession.

“A privately-run museum as big as Beatlemania is condemned to fail without public support,” said Koopmanns. “That’s a fact we fought against until enthusiasm turned into resignation. [It was] a bitter experience.”

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