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Black Keys Return To Their Roots For Video Shoot

The Black Keys went back to their run-down toilet circuit roots last night by playing a gig in a sweat pit, hole-in-the-wall dive. Kind of. The show was specifically played to be filmed for their next video “Little Black Submarines”, the latest from the duo’s El Camino album. Fans were informed via Twitter that the first 40 people to find the venue in Nashville would be given entry and featured in the video.

Of course, hundreds of wannabe extra’s turned sleuth arrived at the Springwater Supper Club with approximately 50 allowed into the venue to enjoy a set top and tailed by “Little Black Submarines” but which also featured “Howlin’ For You”, “Lonely Boy” and “Tighten Up” among others. Many fans hung around regardless of entry to soak up the vibes and strain their ears listening for any rock residue seeping through the venues walls and knocking back beers like a sort of impromptu tailgate party.

The Black Keys, originally from Akron, Ohio recently relocated to Nashville, with this being their first hometown show now immortalized by lens-man Danny Clinch. The director and former Annie Leibovitz intern has previously worked with such noted artists as Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam and John Mayer and has been praised for his unobtrusive style. A world away from the ‘Keys last video by surrealist Harmony Korine which featured the band dressed as giant toddlers.

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