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Graham Nash Memoir Due Out in 2013

Graham Nash announced that he is planning to write and publish his memoirs, which can be expected to appear in book form by fall 2013. As a key member of Crosby, Stills and Nash and the Hollies, Nash should have some interesting anecdotes about his time with both bands and of the era his music dominated. Starting with his early home life in Manchester, Nash plans to recall his part in the British invasion of pop groups in the ‘60s, counting Beatles members as his not only his contemporaries but also friends who he still fondly calls “Paul and John.”

Nash, now 70 years old and still touring with band mates Crosby and Stills, is also a keen photographer and photography collector, a pursuit his parents were keen to encourage. In an interview with the New York Times, Nash said “When half my friends were getting slapped upside the head by their parents – ‘Better do what your dad did and your grandfather, if the mill was good enough or the mine was good enough for them, then that’s what you do’ – my mother and father never allowed me to fall for that gold watch theory,”

Unsurprisingly from a man who survived the 1967 Summer of Love and played the Woodstock festival, the topic of drugs will not be avoided. Nash also promises to touch on other more gossipy topics such as interpersonal conflicts with band members and peers, no doubt to the delight of publishers Random House. The promise of such a candid expose of the last 50 years in rock music cementing the company’s decision to pay “over seven figures” for Nash’s biography. Random House — a very very very fine house indeed.

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