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Mike Love Books Beach Boys Tour Dates Without Brian Wilson

God didn’t make the radio to add more tension between Brian Wilson and Mike Love of the Beach Boys, but that’s exactly what’s happening. Coming off of their 50th reunion album, That’s Why God Made The Radio, which landed at number 3 on the charts, a sold out tour from New Orleans to New York, and a Sunday night show at Jones Beach in which they played a 47-song set of sing-along classics and new upbeat tunes, Love is planning for what will happen after all the [Pet] sounds are over; Love booked fall touring dates with his own version of the Beach Boys, which do not include founding members of the band.

Brian Wilson told Rolling Stone magazine, “I wasn’t aware that Mike had some shows in South America, [it’s] news to me.” The reunion is blowing Wilson’s mind, and he has even thought about recording a new album with the band. But Love and Bruce Johnston (auxiliary Beach Boy) have other plans, having booked an October show in Peru, according to El Comercio.

Another Beach Boys show was scheduled for October 6th at Winnie, Texas’s Nutty Jerry’s, but was cancelled because the lineup did not include the original members of the band and the venue did not want to falsely advertise this as a part of their reunion tour. The venue said in a statement, “As a result Nutty Jerry’s did not feel that we could advertise the show as the ‘original’ Beach Boys. Nutty Jerry’s regrets the misunderstanding and any inconvenience to our loyal customers.”

Hopefully the California surf-rock band that has made us smile for over 5 decades can fix their differences, and tour for as long as the waves are pleasing every bleached blonde boy and girl in the Golden State (forever!). 

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