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Mumford & Sons to Tour with Dawes in August

Laurel Canyon rockers meet British folk this summer when Dawes opens up for Mumford & Sons on selected dates along their mostly-east coast tour. The two bands obviously made a connection during an October, 2011, WXPN showcase in Philadelphia when Mumford & Sons joined Dawes on the stage to perform an upbeat rendition of their hit single, “When My Time Comes”. Dawes have reported in recent shows that they will be taking time off to record their 3rd studio album, a follow up to their critically acclaimed albums North Hills and Nothing Is Wrong, but they clearly could not pass up the opportunity to play shows with a band that sold over 2.2 million copies of their 2009 debut album, Sigh No More.

Mumford & Sons are also planning on releasing a new album at the end of 2012, hoping to gain the same mainstream success that they earned from the release of their previous album, the megahit Sigh No More. On November 2, 2011, the band performed a track from their upcoming album on Radio 104.5, a Philadelphia radio station. The song was presented under the title “Ghosts That We Knew” and proves that the success isn’t getting to their music, played as an acoustic/banjo-driven tune with similar simple lyrics that made up their prior album.

Dawes have been making a name for themselves in the past years, but this could be the tour that puts them on the top. Make sure you check them out on these dates with Mumford & Sons so you can say 50 years from now that old saying, “I remember seeing them before everyone else knew them!” Tickets for these shows go on sale tomorrow, June 29th.

August 1 | Hoboken, NJ  | Pier A
August 6 | Providence, RI | Providence Performing Arts
August 7 | Canandaigua, NY | Marvin Sands Performing Arts
August 9 | Portsmouth, VA | nTelos Wireless Pavilion
August 13 | Louisville, KY | Louisville Waterfront Park
August 14 | Columbus, OH | The LC Pavilion
August 20 | Lincoln, NE | Pinewood Bowl Theatre
August 28 | Morrison, CO | Red Rocks

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