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Thieving Irons – Behold, This Dreamer! (Self-released)




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There’s a clue in the title of Thieving Irons’ latest release as to just exactly what you’re in for. Dream states; or, the indescribable period between being awake and being asleep, that odd sense of extreme relaxation where the conscious mind just begins to gently drip into the dream world washes through the album with a persuasive sense of optimism. But this isn’t some disingenuous hippy crap; this is indie rock at its most inviting.

Nate Martinez’s gentle voice guides the listener through a world where nature is a key form of escape; the ocean and the sky seem to be the desired destinations. The band go places that reward the listener with the joy of weightlessness to ruminate and ponder, exemplified by the track “Sleepwalking into the Ocean”. The coast portrayed in many works of art as a place to leave the rat-race will no doubt be familiar to listeners trapped within the excess of city life, the song’s line ‘we want off this road we want ocean’ echoing like a rallying call to modern urbanites. The album excels in creating space, sounding both intimate and inexplicably expansive with a yearning for escape that’s as genuine as it is moving. This is the album to be played atop a summer rooftop enjoying a beer and a sunset with the people you love.

– Will Morley

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