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Alice Cooper – The Strange Case of Alice Cooper (Shout! Factory)

The Strange Case of Alice Cooper is a must-own for fans. The stage show of his From the Inside album is set in a warped version of a mental asylum and features songs drawn from Cooper’s recent experiences in rehab. Despite looking gaunt and sickly, Cooper gives a gloriously demented performance, an unabashed resource of energy as he cavorts around in studded platforms, leather bondage pants and, of course, the requisite corpse makeup.

Introduced by a giant cyclops-doctor voiced by Vincent Price, the show quickly intertwines all manner of props and tricks, from enormous dancing liquor bottles, to a three-headed ballerina poodle and gargantuan dancing spiders; building to a shocking climax. Cooper’s backing band, Ultra Latex, combines some of the best musicians of the ’70s, from Elton John’s guitarist Davey Johnstone (receiving a bottle smashed over his head early on) to keyboardist Fred Mandel. The music slithers from classic hard rock to glam pomp with a deliciously slinky interpretation of “I’m Eighteen.”

If this is how all rock concerts were in the ’70s, get me a time machine?

– Will Morley

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