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Dave Grohl’s Hometown Honors Him With Massive Drumsticks

Photo by Steve Gullick

Dave Grohl is a proven instrumentalist, fronting his current band the Foo Fighters and having played drums in the 90s grunge father-band Nirvana, but even he might not be able to pick up and play 900lbs drumsticks. Well, at least he’ll have the opportunity to try them out; according to, 900-pound drumsticks created out of massive poplar logs will be displayed between performances at the Warren Amphitheater on Saturday, July 7. The drumsticks are sort of a “key to the town” in Grohl’s hometown of Warren, Ohio, and he is being honored for all the accomplishments he has made over the last few decades.

The unveiling is expected sometime between 7:30 and 8 p.m. Musician Chris Higbee is slated to play the venue that night. The drumsticks will remain at the amphitheater until the venue’s concert calendar winds down in September. From there they will be relocated to Dave Grohl Alley, which was named in 2009 after Grohl, who was born in the area but raised in Virginia. For an added sentimental touch, feathers were etched into the drumsticks to represent the tattoos on Grohl’s arms. It is uncertain if Grohl is aware of the honor so if you happen to be in Codroipo, Italy in mid-August catching the next Foo Fighters concert, make sure you let him know (unless he is already sporting the new sticks on stage)! 


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