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The Strokes Working on 5th Album

Albert Hammond Sr. confirms his son’s band, the Strokes, are working on their 5th studio album and follow up to 2011’s Angles. The New York garage rockers were reported to have been recording new material at the famous Electric Lady Studios earlier this month, but their management and record label were quick to deny the rumor and apparently we were all “Taken for a Fool.” 

However, Albert Hammond Junior’s father has revealed that the reports are true about recording and the Strokes are in fact in the studio working on a new album. “Albert says that the stuff they’re doing is incredible. They’re doing it themselves with their friend, engineer and producer. He just says ‘Dad, it’s incredible’.”

When Hammond Senior was asked if the new album would sound like Angles, he said, “I don’t think they’ll go in a wildly different direction. Obviously the songs will be different, but I think The Strokes are The Strokes; they always will be The Strokes.” 

The Strokes blew away the rock world with their first two albums Is This It and Room on Fire; here’s to hoping Julian Casablancas and the boys reproduce the sound of their earlier records in their upcoming 5th studio album!

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