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“Tomorrow Never Knows” Compiles Most Important Beatles Songs

The song catalog of The Beatles has been compiled and grouped in almost every conceivable way so far, and it’s about to happen again. Today, iTunes released Tomorrow Never Knows, a compilation of the band’s “most powerful songs” that can only be purchased exclusively through the music downloading service. iTunes is also allowing the band’s promo video for “Hey Bulldog” to be streamed for free on the service.

Tomorrow Never Knows includes songs that have arguably had the most influence on the generations of musicians that followed in the footsteps of the Fab Four. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters declared the Beatles “will remain the most important rock band of all time” while adding that “without the Beatles, I wouldn’t be a musician. It’s as simple as that.”

Tomorrow Never Knows tracklist:

1. Revolution                            

2. Paperback Writer                  

3. And Your Bird Can Sing

4. Helter Skelter

5. Savoy Truffle

6. I’m Down

7. I’ve Got A Feeling

8. Back In The USSR

9. You Can’t Do That

10. It’s All Too Much

11. She Said, She Said

12. Hey Bulldog

13. Tomorrow Never Knows

14. The End

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