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Van Halen Cancels Postponed Tour Dates

Previously, Van Halen had postponed dates on a planned world tour; singer David Lee Roth and guitarist Eddie Van Halen both cited exhaustion and “biting off more than [they] could chew” as the reasons behind this despite rumblings of inter-band tension. Well, now it’s time for the rumblings to start again. reports that all of the postponed dates on Van Halen’s tour are now officially cancelled. The band has yet to make any statement on the matter public, but Ticketmaster has now marked the postponed tour dates as officially cancelled. Fans who purchased tickets can get automatic refunds online or at the point of purchase.

Van Halen still plan to tour Japan later this year, but this string of cancellations could provide some credence to the recurring rumors of frigid relations between the band, who are almost as known for their behind-the-scenes drama as they are for their music.

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