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It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

Casa Noble TequilaUndoubtedly having a keen insight into the unrelenting stress that inhabits the darker corners of our Elmore offices, the good folks at Jensen Communications pulled a Saint Bernard on us and sent us tequila—specifically, Casa Noble Tequila by Carlos Santana.

To celebrate the third day of New York’s third heat wave, the upcoming arrival of the Santana-Allman Bros. tour and the 73rd day of Cinco de Mayo 2012, we cracked the bottle. The overwhelmingly positive reaction among Elmore staffers begged confirmation, so in the spirit of scientific accuracy, we dragged out our reporters’ notebooks and repeated the experiment, confirming our earlier findings: Casa Noble Tequila is awesome (I think that what my notes say) or, in the words of Carlos Santana, “Smooth.”

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