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The Babies Announce New Album “Our House On The Hill”

The Babies, formerly brushed off as the throwaway hobby of Kevin Morby (Woods) and Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls), has graduated from side project to a band in its own right. Exhibit A? Their second album, Our House On The Hill. After their self-titled first LP, the Brooklyn-based band dropped a demos EP along with some singles. But now the indie rockers team up with Woodsist Records and Producer Rob Barbato for what Woodsist describes as a collection of “hushed dirges, melancholic traveling odes and squealing rave-ups” with Morby and Cassie as the sweet, kickass icing on the metaphorical cake. Their first single from the LP, “Moonlight Mile,” shows off the results of that studio time with a clean, energetic garage rock sound. The band spent two weeks holed up in a Los Angeles recording studio with an organ, saxophone, piano and some strings in what has hopefully resulted in a sophomore album that’ll take the cake (metaphorically, of course). You can check out Our House On The Hill on November 13. 

Track List:

1) Alligator

2) Slow Walkin

3) Mess Me Around

4) Get Lost

5) Baby

6) Mean

7) On My Team

8) Moonlight Mile

9) See the Country

10) That Boy

11) Chase it to the Grave

12) Wandering

Check out the first single, “Moonlight Mile,” here:


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