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Rose Tattoo – Life From Boggo Road Jail (MVD Visual)

A pre-show Gary “Angry” Anderson is interviewed walking into Australia’s Boggo Road Jail for a concert celebrating the facility’s closing. With that devilish Aussie sneer, he shows the camera “the official finger” with his right hand’s middle digit, indicating the tone for a typical Rose Tattoo gig–brash, loud, musical piracy. Rose Tattoo, circa this 1993 reunion, still had the piss ‘n vinegar and guitar-gutting street sense that defined albums like their eponymous 1978 debut and 1981’s Assault & Battery.

 Frontman Anderson, clad in a prison-themed jumpsuit, mugs for the crowd with a “I’ve said for years we should’ve ended up in here, and here we are,” before ripping into a firestorm with “Out Of This Place.” The track’s Bon Scott-era AC/DC feel, laced with Peter Wells’ Faces-inspired slide guitar whipped the audience into riot mode, fans unrelenting even as hammer-fisted shrapnel like “Bad Boy For Love” continued to fly.

 Breakneck Chuck Berry-inspired riffing on tracks like “Tramp” reveal where Guns ‘n Roses sought gutter-dwelling inspiration, while the band stretches out with a throbbing slow-blues on “The Butcher and Fast Eddy,” the true story of a Melbourne, Australia gang fight.

 The ultimate rock ‘n roll hoodlums, Rose Tattoo brought it to the stage. And when they brought it, you got rocked – or else.

 -Mark Uricheck


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