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Three Beach Boys Dumped During Reunion Tour

It’s kind of like that time when your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you via Facebook/Twitter/town crier. Sometimes you’re just the last to know that you’ve been dumped. We’re pretty sure … Read more

InAshton – Pianos (New York, NY)

In a city rife with hipster-baiting blogger fodder, NYC’s InAshton are refreshingly unironic, playing nuts and bolts, meat and two veg pop-rock where everyone is invited to come on down … Read more

Feist Wins Polaris Music Prize

So much for Feist being a one-hit wonder: the Canadian indie pop singer won the prestigious Polaris Music Prize last night at a gala event in Toronto, Canada, beating critical … Read more

My Jerusalem Releasing New Album

“Nobody ever paid money to see Harry Houdini escape being buried alive. They wanted the small chance of seeing him killed by the weight of the earth on top of … Read more

The Mountain Goats Premiere New Album

The new album from the Mountain Goats isn’t coming out until October 2nd. It’s okay. Don’t cry. Really, it’s going to be all right. You can stream the new album … Read more