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After 13 Years, the Afghan Whigs are Back

Lots of fun things can happen after 13 years. …Like puberty. Okay, so that’s not exactly fun. How about this: an Afghan Whigs reunion tour. Yeah, that sounds a lot better.

Formed in 1986, the band released six popular albums in the 15 years since their formation. The Cincinnati-based alt-rockers developed a sound that infused some brooding soul with the electrifying sounds of 90s garage rock. Now the band is back after a 13-year hiatus for a North American tour.

The Afghan Whigs have already provided some lucky fans a sneak preview of their upcoming tour with three shows earlier this year. The tour starts on September 22 at ATP’s I’ll Be Your Mirror festival in NYC. You’d better get your tickets quickly, because many of the scheduled shows have already sold out. For those of you who just can’t wait any longer (We get it—13 years was long enough), the Afghan Whigs have released two new cover songs for free on their website. The band will also be performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on September 19th.  

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