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Bob Dylan Planning Long-Awaited Sequel to ‘Chronicles’

Bob Dylan has had an epic life. Truly. It’s so epic that it can’t just fit in one book. Good thing he’s working on another one.

In 2004, Dylan released Chronicles: Volume One, the first of what is supposed to be a three-part series recounting his life. Chronicles started when his label asked him to write an essay to accompany a compilation album. That little essay turned into a 304 page self-portrait of the famous musician. “I really didn’t want to,” he said. “But then I was thinking it would be a good opportunity to say some stuff about this period of time in maybe ’62 to’63. I walked off The Ed Sullivan Show when it was real popular in America. I wanted to take myself back to that time and relive it.” Can you say “over-achiever?” Well, Dylan fans weren’t complaining, and they should definitely be pleased to hear Dylan is getting back to the pen and paper. 

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