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Bon Iver Frontman Asks Fans to Design His Next Tattoo

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon wants you to design his next tattoo. Really, he does. And he’ll pay you for it too. …Just make sure that you can actually draw.

The singer wants a tattoo inspired by Northern Exposure, a 90s T.V. series about a doctor who sets up his practice in a quirky Alaskan town. Vernon has already shown his fan allegiance to the series; Bon Iver takes its name from the old T.V. show. Vernon wants some ink in the style of Czech painter Alphons Mucha, whose art is featured in one episode. “In the episode a woman transforms a gold rush village into a cultural place with one single dance in a tavern. They name the town after her, Cicely, Alaska. The art direction in the episode is unmistakably Mucha and I want to get a very large tattoo of this on my left arm,” Vernon said. Vernon is offering a cash prize to the winner, but he hasn’t yet specified the amount.  

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