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James Taylor Takes On Warner Bros for $2 Million

James Taylor has earned 40 gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards, five Grammys and a National Medal of Arts and sold more than 50 million albums. He’s kind of a big deal. And he doesn’t like to be cheated.

Taylor is suing Warner Brothers for over $2 million because he claims the company has underpaid royalties on digital downloads of his songs. This is not the first time a case like this has come up. Musicians such as Eminem and The Temptations have brought forth similar cases with the main issue being that the royalty rate on record contracts was decided before the digital era, making the original rates outdated. Taylor claims that the digital sales should be handled as licensed sales of master recordings, which entitles him to about 400% more in royalties. Taylor’s got other scores to settle with Warner. The singer/songwriter has accused the company of unauthorized use of his music on compilation albums. 

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