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Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Premieres New Album

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion rode the wave of the 1990s alt-rock boom, then broke out with Extra Width in 1993. A couple more albums, a hell of a lot more side project, and a bunch of tours later, the band released 2004’s Damage under the name Blues Explosion. It’s been eight years since that last album, but next week, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion returns with Meat and Bone from Boombox/Mom + Pop.

Funked out with some rock-heavy riffs that mix a vintage 90s garage rock sound with some blues sensibilities, Meat and Bone sounds like you’re downing the roughest drink they have in a rough-n-tumble dive bar. All I’m sayin’—if you can’t take the kick back, then you’d better take a seat somewhere else. These songs will grind you down to the bone, and if you don’t believe us, you can listen to the full album on the Rolling Stone  website.

Meat and Bone comes out September 18th

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