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Led Zeppelin Countdown Reveals New Film

The countdown is finally over! Led Zeppelin has finally announced…you guessed it, a new tour! Actually, you guessed wrong. Thanks for playing. How about a theatrical release of their 2007 one-night-only reunion concert as a consolation prize?

Once the band started off with their mysterious Facebook countdown a couple days ago, many fans hoped that a new tour was in the works, but Robert Plant already made it clear in a Rolling Stones interview that that wasn’t happening. This new film may be the next best thing. The film, named Celebration Day, will be sure to sate Led Zeppelin fans with audio and footage depicting the band’s last hoorah with hits such as “Good Times Bad Times,” “Rock and Roll” and “Stairway to Heaven.” This looks like a good year for the band; Led Zeppelin has also just been chosen as one of the recipients for the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C. this December.

Celebration Day will be released on October 17th. The concert will then be released on “multiple audio and video formats” on November 19th



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