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Muse Releases New Video, “Madness”

So we’re in the future. Probably. Maybe. And the future looks like this big dance club. Or a laser tag center.  And the future kind of sucks. Or maybe this is the present. Okay…this is kind of maddening.

Every time we hear a Muse song, we know we’re going somewhere that’s going to be a bit foreign and disorientating, but it always ends up being related to the here and now. In Muse’s new video, we’ve got what looks like a futuristic club, a subway car with two attractive strangers, a violent police force and cool looking Lite Brite instruments.

In “Madness,” we get a bit of a different sound from Muse, a more subdued electro-pop sound than the kick-in-your-face sound of earlier albums like Absolution and Black Holes and Resistance. Of course, that’s before the song crescendos into the madness we already know is coming for us. The video shows an imagined interaction between two strangers in the midst of a violent landscape. The “madness” can be seen in the oppression, violence, lust and apathy that drive the video and leads it to its climax. And as always, we’re guided through the narrative by Matthew Bellamy’s trusty falsetto (but all those neon party lights probably helped too). Muse’s new album, The 2nd Law, will be released by Warner Bros. Records on October 2.  

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