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Rolling Stones Releasing Greatest Hits Collection

The Rolling Stones got you a little present. They hope you don’t mind, but they didn’t bother with the wrapping paper and bow.

The Stones celebrate their golden anniversary this year (that’s 5 decades of rock) and are giving you GRRR! as their own personal gift to you. No, we didn’t just growl at you. That’s the name of the Rolling Stones’ upcoming greatest hits collection.

With a name like that, the album will be sure to show the Stones bearing their teeth in the style that made the iconic band what it is. Never ones for predictability, the boys have even added the new cuts, “Gloom and Doom,” and “One Last Shot,” which they worked on during a recent session in Paris. The session marked the first time the Stones had been in a studio together since 2005. Pop the champagne, because they’ve reunited and it feels so good.

GRRR! is set for U.S. release on November 13th in 50- and 80-track versions. The collection will include bonus materials like photos, a seven-inch record, postcards and posters. 

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