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Soundgarden Releasing First Album In 16 Years

Soundgarden was one of the big four that formed the pantheon of grunge that sprouted from the Seattle scene in the 90s. Unfortunately, group tensions culminated in their split in 1997.

The band recently came back to life with new song “Live to Rise,” which made an appearance on this spring’s Avengers soundtrack. Jumping on the soundtrack of one of the biggest movie releases this year—not a bad way to come back after a 16 year break. And apparently Soundgarden isn’t just going to leave it at that.

This November, the band will be releasing a whole album of new material, King Animal. Recorded at Seattle’s Studio X and co-produced with Adam Kasper (who’s worked with Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Nirvana and Pearl Jam), King Animal is the full collaborative product of the band, with lyrics contributed by Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil and Ben Shepherd. King Animal comes out November 13. 

Track List for King Animal:

1. “Been Away Too Long” 
2. “Non-State Actor” 
3. “By Crooked Steps” 
4. “A Thousand Days Before”
5. “Blood On The Valley Floor” 
6. “Bones of Birds” 
7. “Taree” 
8. “Attrition” 
9. “Black Saturday”
10. “Halfway There” 
11. “Worse Dreams” 
12. “Eyelid’s Mouth” 
13. “Rowing”

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