InAshton – Pianos (New York, NY)

In a city rife with hipster-baiting blogger fodder, NYC’s InAshton are refreshingly unironic, playing nuts and bolts, meat and two veg pop-rock where everyone is invited to come on down and sing along. Seemingly delighted to be playing, unapologetic for their love of performing and brimming with confidence, InAshton brought their A-game this evening. After what seemed like an age of awkward mic problems and false starts, the band began as they meant to go on with an infectious performance that culminated with an audience displaying raucous approval.

As a band, InAshton look like they belong onstage; each member has a cocky swagger that can only come from years of practice. I don’t know the band’s history, but being this tight does not come easy.  With covers of both Tears For Fears and the Ramones, I’m going to say these guys may not be newbies to the gigging circuit but with age comes experience, and experience means for a great live show.

Lead singer Morgan Clamp is the band’s trump card, a natural frontman that seemed as relaxed as he is enthusiastic, his voice clear and defined, at times pinched with a Liam Gallagher growl, at others a sound-a-like for the La’s/Cast warbler John Power, especially when belting out current single “It’s OK…It’s OK” – a catchy pop tune that deserves national radio play.  The band paint in broad strokes; this is Kings Of Leon or U2 territory, reliable rock that while not necessarily nuanced is relatable and that’s what sells.

Overall, InAshton treated the show like they weren’t playing some dive in the L.E.S, but like they’d filled an open air arena; I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where we’ll meet them next.

– Will Morley

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