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Aerosmith Premieres First Two Songs from New Album

You know them from all the radio hits and rock anthems of the 70s…but it’s not like Aerosmith can just go away. Let’s be honest—“Dream On” isn’t going anywhere. They’ve had their problems (::cough:: drugs ::cough::), but the band is coming back with a whole new album.

Music From Another Dimension! will feature the band’s first album of new, original material in over a decade. The guys are definitely going to have to brush off the dust for this one, but so far, it looks like they’re doing just fine. Rolling Stone is helping you prep for the new album by premiering one track at a time in the weeks leading up to the album release. You can check out the first track off of Music, “Luv XXX.” Starting off in space with a nod to The Outer Limits, the stampeding “Luv XXX” starts off Music with a hearty rush of rock and vocals from Tyler along with Julian Lennon, son of the late great Beatle. You can listen to “Luv XXX” here.

You can also check out the second track off of Music, “Oh Yeah.” Tyler starts off singing “I would die for you baby/I cry for you baby/I’m on my knees for you baby/Won’t ya please give me some of your love?” and then you get so much funk and attitude that you’d swear that the song aims to strut right out of your headphones. Tyler certainly seems pleased with the result. “When I heard the song, with the beat that was on it, and the simplicity of the lyrics, I thought it was a rock single,” Tyler said. “It could start the show off. I was so moved by that beat.” You can listen to “Oh Yeah” hereMusic From Another Dimension! will be coming out November 6th

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