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Blur Are Not Done Yet

If you’re a fan of British alt-rockers Blur, then you’re not new to disappointment. In fact, the band might just be messing with your emotions. They’re together. They’re apart. They’re active. They’re on break. Vocalist/guitarist Damon Albarn in particular has been hot and cold about whether the band will ever play again after their Parkalive Olympic show this past August. “Some days I feel one way and other days I feel the other,” said Albarn regarding the band’s on-and-off reunion. But now you Blur fans can take comfort in the fact that the band will be playing at least one more concert. Blur will appear as the headliners for Belgium’s Rock Wechter festival, taking place on July 4-7, 2013. And the band seems hopeful about the prospect of other shows. In a Facebook post, the band said that they “hope to travel in 2013 to play to more of our lovely fans who we haven’t seen for a while. Don’t know where yet; we’ll tell as soon as we do.”  


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